Malinois laying next to bones

Experience Matters: Why I Don’t Feed My Dogs a Raw Diet

I don’t feed my dogs raw. GASP! I know. It’s kind of a big deal. And I may get totally obliterated by the Internet Bullies, but by now, I’ve gotten used to it. Here’s the thing. My dogs… they are my entire life. They are my best friends, and they form the foundation of my

I Chose Wrong – What to Look for When Hiring a Dog Trainer

Let’s face it, as dog training evolves, new dog trainers seem to be popping up daily. You’ve got the holistic compassion based trainers, the force-free movement, the edgy trainers who challenge the landscape and the progressives who are continually trying to evolve. You’ve got the behaviorists and balanced trainers, the sport trainers and the working

Are You Building Engagement or Missing the Mark?

It seems that the more dog training evolves, the more buzzwords start floating around the Internet. Trainers and textbooks coin new and sexy terms to explain their dog’s behavior, and handlers latch on to new concepts as dog training gets more and more progressive. After a particularly controversial article I wrote on the reliance of

He Chose Me: A Thank You Letter to My Dog

“THIS dog,” my trainer and decoy always tells me as he points to my little riot dog Shank, “is going to be your points dog.” I don’t disagree with his assessment. As angsty and nasty as Shank can be, he’s really quite handler sensitive, picking up on the slightest change in my inflection, my body