An Exercise in Frustration – Is your Drive Work Really Helping?

“Drag him back,” the decoy coached. The dog barked wildly, threatening to take his handler to the ground as he pulled to reach his target. He wanted to bite. It’s all he could think about. And she struggled to get control. She did as instructed, pulling the massive dog back to the line, attaching his

Gravitational Pull: How Your Rewards May Be Hurting Your Focused Heel

“Fuss!” she commanded. The dog snapped his head up, staring at her with intensity and moving into the perfect heel position with her word. With one calculated move, she began to walk, her determination growing more apparent with every step she took. Gleefully, the dog followed, keeping time with her movements and waiting (impatiently) for

How Well do You Fail? The Single Concept That Can Transform Your Training

The dog pulled hard against the collar, straining as her owner fought to maintain her grip. A bike passed by and the dog shrieked with frustration, launching harder, trying desperately to take her frustration out on all of the wheels constantly zooming by. “Heel!” the owner called, stress and irritation seeping into her tone. But

K9 Van Life

#K9VanLife – The Pilot Episode

Yesterday, our epic road trip (the Pilot Episode) came to an end. (If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read about it here). We traveled to 21 states (+ Washington DC) in 15 days with 14 dogs in tow before returning home. And I’ll be totally honest with you. I completely underestimated what