Malinois laying next to bones

Experience Matters: Why I Don’t Feed My Dogs a Raw Diet

I don’t feed my dogs raw. GASP! I know. It’s kind of a big deal. And I may get totally obliterated by the Internet Bullies, but by now, I’ve gotten used to it. Here’s the thing. My dogs… they are my entire life. They are my best friends, and they form the foundation of my

Enter at your own risk: Safety measures for breaking up a dog fight

The sun was hot on my face as I trudged down the driveway, dragging the emptied trash can behind me and in through the open gate. My dog lazily surveyed her surroundings from her spot just inside the fence line – our Friday afternoon routine. Thoughts from the week ran through my mind. I reflected

Guilt, Mercy and the Love of a Great Dane

I’m going to kill my dog today. I’m going to kill my dog out of convenience. I’ll officially tap out of the battle we’ve been fighting. Fighting is too hard for me. I have nothing left and I’m letting her go because I am weak. I am going to kill my dog today. I tried

Your Dog, Your Choice – Advocating for your Dog at the Vet

The woman stared blankly at me, clipboard gripped in her hand. “I will not hospitalize my dog,” I said adamantly. Her face flushed, and she met my response with quiet frustration. She wanted me to leave my dog in her care, and I had flatly refused. Working to maintain her composure, she proceeded to explain

GDV Strikes Again: My Experience with “Bloat” in Dogs

When she went outside to use the bathroom, she did not come back in. I was sitting on the couch working on my computer and it took me a moment to register I was one dog short. By the time I realized she hadn’t come back in, she had probably been in the yard for

Free Range Dogs: Practicing Good Manners in Public

Living 10 minutes from the beach definitely has its perks. Although it was a huge shock to my system moving out of middle-of-nowhere Texas, where acreage was the norm, most of our shopping was done at feed stores, and getting organic anything meant you had to grow it yourself, I must admit the dogs and

Safe to Swim Another Day – Water Safety for the Working Dog

The dogs barked loudly as the truck slowed to a stop, their anticipation palpable. The sandy shore was in their sights and, in moments, they would be bounding into the salty water, practicing their retrieves and simply having fun. Before unloading the dogs, I geared up, grabbing my leads, floating retrieve toys, my whistle for