I Chose Wrong – What to Look for When Hiring a Dog Trainer

Let’s face it, as dog training evolves, new dog trainers seem to be popping up daily. You’ve got the holistic compassion based trainers, the force-free movement, the edgy trainers who challenge the landscape and the progressives who are continually trying to evolve. You’ve got the behaviorists and balanced trainers, the sport trainers and the working

Are You Building Engagement or Missing the Mark?

It seems that the more dog training evolves, the more buzzwords start floating around the Internet. Trainers and textbooks coin new and sexy terms to explain their dog’s behavior, and handlers latch on to new concepts as dog training gets more and more progressive. After a particularly controversial article I wrote on the reliance of

Lead by Following: How Effective Trainers Tackle Roadblocks

I stepped onto the training field, the Malinois at my side pulsing with anticipation for the excitement that was to come. It was early on in my training career, and as the small group of trainers surrounded me, my hands began to shake, exposing my nerves and my inexperience. “What are you going to work

S*** Happens: Breaking the Perceptions of Perfection and Control

A while back, I wrote an article about a new adolescent male Malinois I brought home under precarious and less than ideal circumstances. (If you didn’t read it, check it out HERE.) As usual, and these days as expected, the Internet Bullies came out in force, calling me everything from stupid, to moronic, to irritating,

2 Strangers, A Malinois and A Precarious Game of Jenga

I picked him up on Monday. I really wasn’t prepared to take him, but as I had been pining over him for more than a year, when he became available with the caveat that “you better take him now before I change my mind”, I couldn’t say no. He is an adolescent male Malinois, and