He Chose Me: A Thank You Letter to My Dog

“THIS dog,” my trainer and decoy always tells me as he points to my little riot dog Shank, “is going to be your points dog.” I don’t disagree with his assessment. As angsty and nasty as Shank can be, he’s really quite handler sensitive, picking up on the slightest change in my inflection, my body

S*** Happens: Breaking the Perceptions of Perfection and Control

A while back, I wrote an article about a new adolescent male Malinois I brought home under precarious and less than ideal circumstances. (If you didn’t read it, check it out HERE.) As usual, and these days as expected, the Internet Bullies came out in force, calling me everything from stupid, to moronic, to irritating,

Act with Intention: Building Focus in our Dogs, and in Ourselves

The dog bounced in place, body quaking with excitement, invisible springs attached to his four legs which regularly launched him straight up until his nose met hers. His owner giggled to herself and then said, “Alright, alright already. I’m getting the leash as quickly as I can!” The dog bounded and danced as his owner

Water Your Grass: Finding Motivation and Training Your Dog

“Wanna grab your dog?” I glanced at the woman standing quietly off to the side, and smiled slightly as I did. She was new to the group, and she hesitated at my question, nervously agreeing after taking a moment to steady her breath. A group of regulars chatted on the sidelines, exchanging stories and training

A Snapshot in Time: Life lessons learned from Disney

A photo of a boy and his dog. The two are tangled in an embrace. To the untrained eye, this looks like a sweet moment illustrating the immense love and adoration shared between the two. But to those familiar with body language and dog behavior, this could look like an accident waiting to happen. I’ve

Don’t Be A Dog Person – An Open Letter to Dog Trainers

“You were a dog person the other day,” he told me as we debriefed the event from the prior weekend. I paused, trying to wrap my head around exactly where he was he was going with this. “You were a dog person, and I’m not used to seeing you that way.” My confusion must have

A Different Breed: Is Your Dog a Reflection of Yourself?

We stand in front of a crowd. My dog lays quietly at my feet, the words “Do Not Pet” printed in bold on her working vest, doing their job to keep onlookers away. I glance over at my colleague, former Navy SEAL Eric Davis, and give him a sly smile. No one in the audience