The Rules of Engagement

“You want to grab your dog?” she said, gesturing towards my truck, letting me know it was my turn to work obedience. I was excited to be back. It had been over 3 years since I’d trained with some of my favorite decoys and handlers. After moving out of state and then coming back, I

Labs, Malinois and the Demonic Possession of a Puppy

I never had a Malinois puppy….until yesterday. I can honestly tell you, everyone has always been completely and utterly jealous of my pup. Through a perfect alignment in the stars, I acquired Jacque des Ombres Valeureux (aka “Shank” – cut him some slack – he needs to maintain his street cred), a Malinois puppy that

Let the “Riots” commence

Until this point, my gangly little knucklehead seemed like your typical Malinois puppy with backbone. He was confident, mouthy and extremely prey driven. Yet still, I had not seen his true colors emerge. Fast forward two or three days. Shank began getting comfortable with his new lifestyle. While he practically lived in a crate with his

The Riot Dog Emerges

The day I brought my “Riot Dog” home, I really didn’t believe the hype. I didn’t think this ridiculous, gangly, 4 month old puppy had it in him to be vicious. Now, if you follow my coursework, or you know me at all, you’ll quickly come to realize that I am hyper protective of young

Letting Dogs be Dogs

While I’ve been training dogs for over a decade, I still make mistakes. And to be honest, I make them often. In raising my little hellion, I’ve focused quite a bit of time and energy on socialization. In my training, it has always been critical that I get young puppies out and about as much

The Riot Dog Chronicles

Meet Jacque les Ombres Valeureux (or as we call him in the mini-hood, “Shank”…. Cut him some slack he needs to maintain his street cred). At just 4 months of age, Shank was returned to his breeder when his owners and trainers could no longer handle him. A “Riot Dog” is how they regularly described