You Can’t Go It Alone: Treating Bitework as a Team Sport

“An out to a guard?” I asked. It was more a statement than a question, as I knew what was coming next. The decoy nodded, the massive 90lb Malinois’ jaws shut tightly around his leg as he worked the bite. I called the dog’s name and commanded the out. In a moment, the dog worked

2 Strangers, A Malinois and A Precarious Game of Jenga

I picked him up on Monday. I really wasn’t prepared to take him, but as I had been pining over him for more than a year, when he became available with the caveat that “you better take him now before I change my mind”, I couldn’t say no. He is an adolescent male Malinois, and

More Harm than Good: 3 Reasons Why I Never Socialize my Puppies

She stood atop of the massive metal bleachers, her puppy triumphantly standing on one of the rows, as she called down to me. “Aren’t you going to socialize your puppy?” she asked. “I’m good.” I said with a smile. “I’m going to work on engagement down here.” She looked perplexed. As if I had just

1+1=3 : Building Your Team for Maximum Effect

It was hot. A sweltering 90 degrees in the heat of the day, and the fact that the air remained motionless, the breeze taking the afternoon off, made standing in the direct sunlight feel like we were in the middle of the Sahara. The bright sun reflected hard and sharp off of the pristine turf,

An Interview with Former Navy SEAL Eric Davis

Many of you have asked me about the work that I do with the former Navy SEALs over at Sealed Mindset Leaders. If you haven’t read along on the blog, very simply put, we use K9s to teach leadership development and human performance training to corporations and individuals. I’ve invited my good friend and colleague,