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Dog training should be about YOUR relationship with your dog....not your dog's relationship with his trainer.

Hi! I'm Meagan....

A professional dog trainer, writer, and passionate leadership coach here to help you be the person your dog thinks you are, and be the handler your dog needs you to be.

Dedicated to YOU ... and your DOG!

At The Collared Scholar, our work is devoted to helping you create the perfect relationship with your dog, to boost YOUR confidence in your training, and to help you crush your training goals, whether you want a well rounded family pet, or your have competitive aspirations.

How Does It Work?

Transform Your Relationship with Your Dog

Browse our extensive library of free training articles and workshops designed to help you improve your relationship with your dog, and to motivate you to be your best.

We release new articles weekly and provide regular free online training workshops to help you master the tough stuff from the comfort of your home.

Develop Your Skills as Your Dog's Handler and Trainer

Join one of our comprehensive online courses and get the training you need to transform your relationship with your dog. Our programs are optimized for your learning and success and unlike other online programs, we don't leave you high and dry after you enroll.

Our courses are different. We go into meticulous step-by-step detail giving you the tools you need to confidently train your dog from the comfort of your home. And you'll benefit from extensive post enrollment support from our head trainers in our private online dog training message board.

Get the Help You Need to Be Your Best

Get online training OPTIMIZED to your learning and retention from trainer and coach, Meagan Karnes. Submit your videos for trainer review and feedback and let us create a fully interactive learning experience designed and proven to be MORE effective than most in person training.

We've studied psychology, human behavior and performance with some of the Nation's best and we are using it to put a unique spin on dog training designed to set the stage for your success.

It all starts with YOU ...

Listen, trainers are spectacular at changing behavior in their canine clients. But unless YOU are comfortable with the training, confident in your knowledge and skills, and motivated to WORK with your dog, the training will never stick.

I've been coaching HUMANS in leadership, performance, motivation and HUMAN behavior change for the past several years and I've taken the fundamentals of HUMAN psychology and behavior to create comprehensive programs tailored to YOU.

Be your dog's best friend. Gain clarity and confidence in YOUR ability. Your dog believes in you. And I believe in you. It's time for you to hop on the bus.

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