to effortless engagement

Build your dog's work ethic, focus and engagement and have a blast doing it!

The fun begins October 27, 2017!

This is definitely the best online training experience I've been through. AND your lessons, or "system", is exactly how I train, but the added info & techniques are tremendously helpful.

Craig C.

The course is really clear and understandable. Exercises are easy to train and their purpose is explained. This course has given me a lot a clarity. This has been so awesome... everything is simple and clear, has helped me out of overthinking.

Piia K.

Be the Center of Your Dog's Universe

No matter where you are.

Do you have engagement envy?

Do you find yourself staring at those dogs who seem to only have eyes for their owner? Those dogs that listen at the drop of a hat, who choose their owner over anything in the environment, whose focus seems otherworldly?

And then, do you think to yourself, "I'll never get that!"

I've been there.

I used to think engagement and focus was a thing of fairy tales.

But then, I unlocked the secret. Getting a highly motivated and engaged dog isn't hard. In fact, building your dog's focus is actually quite fun. Not only that, but it can be accomplished in just minutes each day.

Join us and unlock the methods to start giving your dog's engagement a kick in the pants!

Here's what we'll cover

The fun begins on October 27, 2017. You'll receive one video lesson per week delivered straight to your inbox. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long outlining a little bit of theory, and giving you step-by-step instructions that you can implement right away to start transforming your dog's focus. We'll also be hosting LIVE Q&A sessions to help you on your journey and, you'll get access to our exclusive Facebook group so you can share your journey with other like minded dog owners.


Learn what "REAL ENGAGEMENT" is and get clear on what style of engagement you are really after with your dog. Spend time goal setting and start setting expectations with a fun and simple assignment that takes just 2 minutes per day!


Are you using rewards in your training? Are you doing it right? Learn how to use rewards, and how to "lose" rewards in your training. And find out why most people accidentally develop a "reward dependency" in their training.


This ain't yo' mama's old marker training system. Learn how to create and use markers to improve your communication, while maximizing engagement and energy. And if you don't know what markers are yet, don't sweat it! You'll learn everything you need to know to start effectively implementing them immediately!


Does your dog have a good work ethic? Does he (or she!) show up on time, eager to work? Would he stay late just to get the job done? Or does he have a bad attitude. Is he lazy and unmotivated? Learn how to develop your dog's work ethic and transform your slacker into the employee of the month!


It's your job to create the environment where your dog is successful. But how do you do that? Learn how to set your dog up for success every time so that he remains motivated and confident to tackle whatever you throw at him.


Here's where it gets really fun. Learn a simple and effective game you can play with your dog to start making engagement a really profitable endeavor for your dog, whether you are out in public, or you are stepping on the training field.


Increase speed, motivation and desire so that your dog pulses with anticipation for what's to come next with some simple (and VERY fun) games you can start teaching today.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Engagement should ALWAYS be fun. Learn even more fun games you can play to give your dog's focus a boost. And learn how to incorporate engagement into your every day training.

It should never be a chore

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make when training their dog is the dreaded..."OVERTHINKING". They take this far too seriously, and they fail to let go and have fun. So worried they will make a mistake, they shift all of their energy to control and commands, and they neglect what makes training our dogs so rewarding. It's time to bring the fun back. I promise, engagement will follow.

BONUS: Play Your Way to a Reliable Recall

Take advantage of our BUNDLE savings and grab yourself a seat in our popular course "Play Your Way to a Reliable Recall", where you'll receive 5 weekly video lessons designed to get your dog coming back consistently when he or she is called. The lessons are simple, fun, and easy to implement giving you everything you need to teach your dog to "COME" every time you ask!

I am 100% satisfied with the training.  Not being a big fan of online training I have to admit your team has done a great job.  I find myself listening to the audio files on the way to work and the drive home.  

Don D.

The lessons could be modified for every type of dog/person relationship. To take training that is geared towards protection sport training and make it relevant to the average pet dog and everyone in between is fabulous.

Crystal F.

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Play Your Way to a Reliable Recall
  • 5 Weekly Video Lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Audio Transcripts
  • Worksheets and Cheat Sheets
  • BONUS: Automatic Challenge Enrollment
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Your Instructor

Meagan M. Karnes

With an extensive background and experience in dog psychology and training, Meagan began her career rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs, and quickly graduated to raising and training working dogs for sport and law enforcement applications. She also has years of experience in corporate training and human performance training, and has recently developed a specialization in the training not only of canines, but of HUMANS as well.

Meagan raises and trains her own dogs for French Ringsport, Personal Protection and IPO and, in addition to training over 800 pet dogs in her career, she has also raised and trained dozens of dogs for private and executive security and military and law enforcement applications.

Most recently, Meagan has been traveling cross country with her K9s, speaking at executive retreats on the parallels between human behavior and motivation, and high performance dog training. She utilizes her K9s to teach executives and corporations about team work and leadership.