In Person Workshops & Events

President and founder of The Collared Scholar, Meagan Karnes will bring her hands on training workshops directly to you. All of our events are fully tailored to your audience and needs and can be scheduled anywhere within the contiguous United States. 

Who Benefits from Our Events?

In the past, we’ve held events for: 

Veterinarians – We can teach your staff to better understand dog behaviorShelters and Rescue Groups – Let us teach your volunteers about dog behaviorTraining Groups and Clubs – Learn new techniques for drive development, engagement and focus, and building and establishing a work ethicOrganizations – Let us put a unique spin on your leadership development training 

Popular Topics

All of our programs are fully tailored to your group and your specific events. Popular topics include:

The ABC’s of dog behavior – Algebra, Body Language, Context and Drive – Understanding the fundamentals of basic dog psychology.Understanding and Assessing the Basic Drives in Dogs – Teaching pet dog owners how to understand and use their dog’s intrinsic drive to maximize training and engagement.Building a Work Ethic – Techniques and psychology behind building focus, engagement and work ethic in pet or working dogs. Actions Speak Louder – Leadership Development for Organizations through K9 demonstration and hands on training. Your group or employees will learn effective communication skills, team building and motivational leadership techniques through K9 demonstration. 

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