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I want to help as many dogs as I can...

I'm here to help dogs and their owners. It's my purpose. 

So when someone reached out for help with their dog business, I was taken aback. I mean, I have extensive experience, working with multi million dollar companies, consulting for start-ups across multiple industries, and even playing an integral role in the opening of a high-end pet hotel for a little company you may have heard of called PetCo.

But my website is geared towards dog owners. My goal has always been to improve the relationships they have with their pets. I wasn't in the business of teaching about business.

Then, it struck me. If I can help the people that are out there doing the work, helping dog owners every day, I'll still be on track with my mission, and I'll still be helping dogs.

As a result, I've created a number of ONLINE workshops and courses designed to help you grow your pet care or training business.

I am still NOT in the business of teaching business. But if we are going to do this, we are going to do it right. I take everything I do very seriously. So we will never cut corners. You'll always get the best technology, the most complete experience, and award winning support.

I am offering these learning opportunities simply so that we can help more dogs ... together.

I can't wait to see what you create.

Let's do this.

Articles to Help You Build Your Dog Training Business

About The Instructor

Meagan Karnes, BS, MBA

Meagan has her MBA from San Diego State University. She worked consulting for start-up biotech companies before leaving it all behind to pursue her passion. In 2002, she embarked on a career working with dogs.

She was the founder of a number of well known pet care companies including the largest dog walking company in San Diego, which was sold in 2007, only three years after inception, for a record quarter of a million dollars.

She now works with executives across the nation, consulting in digital marketing and leadership development.

She is the founder, writer and head trainer at The Collared Scholar where she fulfills her mission every day - to help dogs and their owners build an unbreakable relationship built on trust and respect (and a whole lot of fun!).